SavionJet Execution Team


The founders of Savion met at M.I.T. while undergraduates in aerospace engineering. They later worked together in Boeing's New Airplane Product development group as aerodynamicists. When they realized Boeing's R&D efficiency improvements (~1%/year) were insignificant compared to increases in oil prices (50–100%/year), the Savion journey began.

Jonathan Gibbs


Jonathan worked as a researcher for Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt in Hamburg, Germany, the M.I.T. Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment and as an aerodynamicist in Boeing’s New Airplane Product Development group (NAPD). Jon holds a S.B and S.M. in Aerospace Engineering from M.I.T. and is completing a dissertation on Savion's novel Inverse Aircraft Design Method for TUHH in Hamburg, Germany.

Adrian Townsend

Co-Founder/Chief of Aerodynamics

Adrian worked as an Aerodynamicist in Boeing’s New Airplane product Development group, in CFD software sales for Mentor Graphics and as a Thermal Engineer for Amazon. Adrian holds an S.B in Aerospace Engineering from M.I.T. and a masters in applied mathematics from the University of Washington.


The following businesses have taken the initiative to support our mission.

Advisors & Team Members

  • Ville Iho

    Former CEO of Finnair, successfully restructured the company to profitability

  • Nate MacMillan

    10 years of software product design experience. Principal at Nyentek.

  • David Mayo

    7 years of propulsion design and certification experience at Cessna and Icon Aircraft

  • Pritesh Mody

    Aerodyamics Lead at General Atomics specializing in computational aerodynamics and design.

  • Kyle Stuart

    5 years piloting V-22 Osprey for U.S. Marine Corp. Pilot for American Eagle.

  • Buerebista Ursu

    21 years of fuel system design with Westport and BluLNG.

  • Paul Schaller

    Former CEO of the Quest Aircraft Company. Led development of the Quest Kodiak from conception to production certification. Paul led Quest became one of the only successful aircraft startups in the previous decade

  • Jim Vaigl

    20+ years of writing FAA-approved software for Garmin, Avidyne, and F-35 flight decks

  • Jonathan Wisner

    Career in the hospitality industry working for House of Kooser, Grace International Hotels, and Kimpton Hotels.

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