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April 30th 2019, Savion conducts first demo flights!


On April 30th, Savion conducted its first demo flights with LNG. This accomplishment proved teh airworthiness of LNG propulsion and the cost effectiveness: our first flight came with less than 10% of the funding of others in this space.


Our Stategy

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Carbon negative Aviation

With aviation emissions steadily increasing year after year, energy innovations have been leaning towards carbon neutral growth. LNG is a step ahead with carbon negative aviation.

Below is the Carbon Negative Process of LNG:


Livestock manure is gathered, sequestering methane emissions


Manure is put into bioreacher called an anaerobic digester


Natural gas from the reactor is sent to a pipeline


The gas is liquefied and deposited to a truck for distribution


LNG is loaded onto SavionJets for your flights


You fly away, carbon-negative, to your destination

Business Travel Revolutionized, Aviation Goes Green