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How it Works


Book for work, play, or both.

With our app, simply select the days you wish to travel, your destination and which days are work related. Savion is the only on-demand jet service cheap enough to get through your CFO so your work days can be billed directly to your employer. As a member, you only pay the super low hourly rate that is possible due to the use of LNG and remote piloting. This is the easiest way to extend a business trip into the weekend, ever!


You can board our jets at your local executive airport through the private terminal. Ground service personnel will help you with your bags and inspect the jet to make sure its ready for departure. Using a local airport reduces delays by over 60%! Say goodbye to canceled flights, lost bags, large crowds and, waiting around for customer service.


Get your briefing

Your assigned pilot will brief you through the aircraft’s satellite link and ensure your seatbelt is fastened and that you are ready to go. Once you give the ok, the pilot will use the datalink to taxi the aircraft, takeoff and fly you to your destination. Your pilot has all the same ratings as an airline pilot and will do nothing but fly your airplane for the entire flight. You can also communicate with him or her should anything go wrong (turbulence, air sickness etc). Should anything technical go wrong or the satellite link is lost, the aircraft has a set a pre-programmed autonomous behaviors to talk to air-traffic control and bring you home safely.

Get Comfortable!

Each SavionJet has room to stand, 2 lie flat seats, a place for storage, pets, and a workspace that is protected from sunlight. Whether you wish to work or relax, you will have a hard time telling the difference between the interior of the SavionJet and your favorite room at home or in your workplace. You can also use our onboard communications tablet to arrange for a host/hostess gift, to have clothes for a special occasion sent to your destination (4-day delivery), or to work with our video concierge for any other special arrangements you have in mind.


Fly Away!

Once in the air, you will fly at more than half the speed of sound and twice as fast as most propellor aircraft. The SavionJet has enough range to fly across Europe non-stop and cross the United States in one stop. During that stop, you can keep working or sleeping—no more pretend cat-naps on red-eyes!



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