Own a Dedicated SavionJet (Deposit)

Own a Dedicated SavionJet (Deposit)


This is a non-refundable deposit for a dedicated SavionJet with a current list price of $2.7M USD. We will base your SavionJet at location of your choosing which is a great option if you live outside of a metropolitan area. Upon purchase, you will receive a guaranteed production position and aa milestone based deposit schedule (15% after first flight, 50% after certification, balance at delivery). Contact us first if you are interested in receiving equity in Savion with your deposits (accredited investors only).

Savion will operate and maintain the aircraft on your behalf ($350/flight hour) under part 135 rules. All in, this service costs roughly 1/3rd of what others charge for operating a light jet. You can schedule your travel using Savion’s dedicated app along with additional hospitality services. You will also have priority access to any of our shared SavionJets in the event your dedicated jet needs maintenance. Please feel free to live chat or us fill out the contact form with any additional questions.

What’s included in a SavionJet?

  • Dedicated aircraft based at location of your choosing

  • RNP 0.1 (Land in Innsbruck for skiing!)

  • 500m takeoff field length (Palo Alto & St. Tropez with full payload)

  • 2 lie flat seats + lavatory + galley + 2 workspaces

  • Mach 0.5 cruise speed

  • 1500nm range (1-stop across the U.S., Non-Stop across Western Europe)

  • App-based scheduling and hospitality

  • Easily share your jet to further reduce ownership costs

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