Dedicated SavionJet Deposit

Dedicated SavionJet Deposit


A personal SavionJet based anywhere you like at your disposal! This is a non-refundable deposit for a dedicated SavionJet with a current list price of $3.0M USD. We will base your SavionJet at the location of your choosing which is a great option if you live outside of a metropolitan area. Upon purchase, you will receive a guaranteed production position. Contact us first if you are interested in receiving equity in Savion with your deposits (accredited investors only).

What’s included in a SavionJet?

  • Dedicated aircraft based at location of your choosing

  • 500m takeoff field length (Palo Alto & St. Tropez with full payload)

  • 2 lie flat seats + lavatory + galley + 2 workspaces

  • Mach 0.5 cruise speed

  • 1500nm range (1-stop across the U.S., Non-Stop across Western Europe)

  • App-based scheduling and hospitality

  • Deliveries expected to begin in 2023

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