Savion SF-Bay Membership Deposit

Savion SF-Bay Membership Deposit


Be amongst the first to join the Savion family! This product is a deposit of the $1000 founding VIP membership until 12-31-19 ($2500 after). The balance of the deposit will be collected only when Savion begins service. Founding members receive special the earliest access to our fleet and the following benefits as a thank you for joining us early and helping us validate the market size:

  • 50% off daily rate for the first year of service

  • Access to customer design meetings: tell us what you like!

  • 10 days of SavionJet Access included

Membership terms:

  • This deposit is non-refundable and grants you access to special founding members club

  • The total membership cost is $1000, with the balance collected when Savion begins service

  • $250 special daily rental rate for SavionJets for any days over the allotment of 10 (50% discount for the first year)

  • $350 hourly flight time rate

  • Service is expected to begin in 2023

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