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Business Travel Revolutionized, Aviation Goes Green


Carbon negative Aviation

With aviation emissions steadily increasing year after year, energy innovations have been leaning towards carbon neutral growth. LNG is a step ahead with carbon negative aviation.

Below is the Carbon Negative Process of LNG:


Livestock manure is gathered, sequestering methane emissions


Manure is put into bioreacher called an anaerobic digester


Natural gas from the reactor is sent to a pipeline


The gas is liquefied and deposited to a truck for distribution


LNG is loaded onto SavionJets for your flights


You fly away, carbon-negative, to your destination

Energy Comparison

LNG technology is a step above other aviation energy sources. With long range capabilities and low emissions, LNG is the full package at a much lower price and with a smaller footprint. In the future, as the aviation industry shifts to LNG, a higher demand will continue to lower the price.