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Powered by liquid natural gas (LNG)


LNG is:



LNG is 20% lighter the kerosene (Jet A). With our proprietary LNG storage technology, our power train exceeds the thrust and energy density of a conventional propulsion system.



LNG produces 20%-80% fewer net emissions than electric aircraft without the range or speed sacrifices.

Removes more emissions per dollar invested than any other “green” energy pathway for commercial aviation.

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Far More Cost Effective

LNG is delivered to our aircraft by truck for 50% cheaper than jet fuel on an energy basis. This means you can expect the same fares that you pay today but with much better service. The supply increase of natural gas without a corresponding increase in consumption has produced rock-bottom prices and 150 years of global supply.

Compatibility with existing aircraft engines minimizes aircraft certification and development costs and goto market time relative to batteries or other new energy storage technologies.

Energy Comparison

LNG technology is a step above other aviation energy sources. With long range capabilities and low emissions, LNG is the full package at a much lower price and with a smaller footprint. In the future, as the aviation industry shifts to LNG, a higher demand will continue to lower the price.

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Remote Piloting

Our remote piloting system is designed to improve the level of safety by a factor of 1000! A remote pilot controls the aircraft at all times via satellite data link. Automated behaviors are also put in place in case the link is lost and to handle emergencies that require quick decisions. And no we are not the first: the U.S. military has conducted remote piloting in civilian airspace for over 20 years. Our chief pilot is a U.S. Air Force instructor for these aircraft as well as a current airline pilot. You can bet she is going to make sure we are taking all the lessons learned from the military side to get you to your destination safely.

It all adds up:

It all adds up to a jet that costs 1/3rd to operate! Its the only jet your CFO will approve, use Savion for work and play!