Our mission is to rapidly disrupt the aviation industry with zero carbon energy and better passenger experiences.  In the short term are using liquid natural gas (LNG) and renewable LNG because it is 50% cheaper than jet fuel, >2x the improvement over Airbus and Boeing's latest generation of aircraft.  LNG also has superior energy density and eliminates emissions without the need for subsidies and tax and trading schemes.   Its so good, we are able to build a 4-passenger business jet that exceeds the unit economics of a 200 passenger (and very crowded) flying bus.  In the long term, will we use natural gas from methane hydrates which can be used to sequester CO2, a process pioneered by the Conoco Phillips, the Department Of Energy and Bjorn Kvamme.  It gets better: the SavionJet works with certified aircraft engines so we don't need to wait until 2030, 2040, or 2050 to deploy!  Lastly, we promise to stay true to the best life cycle emissions pathways and disruptive economics: therefore, we promise never to use a dirty grid to charge magical batteries that don't yet exist.   We do use a more electric propulsion architecture and applaud those who charge aviation batteries renewably for short range missions.  At the end of the day however,  we are working to engineer an industry wide disruption that occurs now rather than a noble protest that depends on unproven technology that is 10+ years away.   For that to happen, LNG is the only choice.