Operate flights for 50% less using the SavionJet—powered by clean, abundant natural gas

Diagram of a man standing within a cross-section of the SavionJet, with a label indicating a vertical height of 1.85 meters
Standing-height Cabin
Diagram of a display resembling that of the Concorde with the words 'MACH 0.72' within
400 Knots Top Speed
Diagram of the continental United States with a flight path extending from northern California to New Jersey
Nonstop Coast-to-coast
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  • Range


  • Maximum Operating Mach

    Mach 0.72
    Fast, no compromises

  • Takeoff Distance

    3018 feet

  • Maximum Altitude

    Above the Weather
    (45,000 feet)

  • Energy Type

    Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
    (Green Rocket Fuel @ $1 per equiv. gallon)

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Rendering of the SavionJet with landing gear extended and door open

Join us in California on March 15, 2019 for our grand unveiling event!