Reclaim the Day!

  • Greener than Commercial

  • 40% more Productivity

  • 50% cheaper than comparable Jets

Our mission is to transform the aviation industry for the better. With non-crude based energy and a re-defined customer experience, we will bring green, frequent, flexible, productive private jet service to business travelers stuck in coach. Their employers can expect to see 40% in productivity gains per flight.


Powered by liquid natural gas (LNG)


LNG is:



LNG is 20% lighter the kerosene (Jet A). With our proprietary LNG storage technology, our power train exceeds the thrust and energy density of a conventional propulsion system.



LNG produces 20%-80% fewer net emissions than electric aircraft without the range or speed sacrifices.

Removes more emissions per dollar invested than any other “green” energy pathway for commercial aviation.

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Far More Cost Effective

LNG is delivered to our aircraft by truck for 50% cheaper than jet fuel on an energy basis. This means you can expect the same fares that you pay today but with much better service. The supply increase of natural gas without a corresponding increase in consumption has produced rock-bottom prices and 150 years of global supply.

Compatibility with existing aircraft engines minimizes aircraft certification and development costs and goto market time relative to batteries or other new energy storage technologies.



Jonathan and Adrian met at M.I.T. while undergraduates in aerospace engineering. They later worked together in Boeing's New Airplane Product development group as aerodynamicists.  When they realized Boeing's R&D efficiency improvements (~1%/year) were insignificant compared to increases in oil prices (50%-100%/year), the Savion journey began.

Jonathan Gibbs

Co-Founder/President Jonathan worked as a researcher for Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt in Hamburg, Germany, the M.I.T. Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment and as an aerodynamicist in Boeing’s New Airplane Product Development group (NAPD). Jon holds a S.B and S.M. in Aerospace Engineering from M.I.T. and is completing a dissertation on Savion's novel Inverse Aircraft Design Method for TUHH in Hamburg, Germany.

Adrian Townsend

Co-Founder/Chief of Aerodynamics Adrian worked as an Aerodynamicist in Boeing’s New Airplane product Development group, in CFD software sales for Mentor Graphics and as a Thermal Engineer for Amazon.  Adrian holds an S.B in Aerospace Engineering from M.I.T. and a masters in applied mathematics from the University of Washington.