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REmotely-Piloted Personal JetS

Our mission is to transform the aviation industry for the better. With non-crude based energy and a re-defined customer experience, we will bring green, frequent, flexible, productive private jet service to business travelers stuck in coach.  Employers can expect to see a minimum of 2 hours of productivity gains per flight.    

  • No long TSA lines, show up 15mins before your flight

  • No flight delays

  • Unparalleled productivity with private onboard workspaces and a high speed internet connection.

Lastly, you deserve the best relaxation experience possible.  When you accumulate miles on Savion, you can use them to charter one of our jets for your family.  That you fly privately on your own time and you never have to worry about taking pets or getting small children to behave on a commercial flight.



The following businesses have taken the initiative to support our mission.