The Unique Technology Behind the SavionJet

Technical diagram of the Savion fuel tank

…Neither fuel cells nor batteries will advance enough to power large commercial aircraft within the 30-year time frame addressed by this report. Liquefied natural gas and liquid hydrogen both have higher energy content per unit mass than conventional jet fuel, but… introduce unique aircraft integration and substantial new safety challenges. Aircraft designed to use such fuels would have significantly larger fuels tanks and engine fuel systems

Commercial Aircraft Propulsion and Energy Systems Research: Reducing Global Carbon Emissions. National Academies Press, .

Fuel Source Comparison

  Jet Fuel Electric (Battery & Grid) (L)H₂ (Hydrogen) LNG
Long Range check mark Yes

Low energy density – not long-lasting enough for primary aircraft structure

(20x cycle life improvement needed)

check mark Yes check mark Yes
Low Emissions x symbol No

High emissions from grid and battery production

High production emissions and warming from water emissions

check mark Yes
Economical x symbol No

Heavier aircraft and frequent battery replacement result in higher fixed and operating costs than jet fuel craft

(10x cycle life improvement needed)

High electricity cost for liquefaction

check mark Yes